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You have an option of quickly glancing through the list of my credentials and accomplishment in chronological order or read “my story” below (recommended!)

My credentials in a nutshell:

Education, Specialized Trainings, and Certifications:

  • 4-Year-Pediatric Nursing Degree, Czech Republic
  • Master’s Degree with Honors in Clinical Psychology, Czech Republic
  • Publication of Master Thesis on Childhood Amnesia in the Journal of Czech Psychology
  • Family and Friends Research, Seattle Pacific University (SPU), Seattle, WA
  • Interviewing Sexually Abused Children, Georgia Center for Children, Atlanta
  • Court Testimony in Child Trauma Cases
  • Psycho-educational Assessments and Specific Learning Disorders
  • Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Currently pursuing PhD. in General Psychology with specialization in Forensic Psychology at Capella University


Clinical Experience:

  • Child Behavior Specialist at Oakleigh School for Special Needs Children, London, England
  • Diagnostic Assessments and Psychotherapy at Diagnostic Institute for Neglected and Abused Children, Czech Republic
  • Diagnostic Assessment and Counseling Services, Czech Republic
  • Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children (CASA), Seattle, WA
  • Senior Evaluator and Psych Trauma Assessor at a private psychological practice, Atlanta, GA (providing psychological, psycho-educational, psychosexual and trauma evaluation to over 5000 clients, age 2 to 18 for the past 16 years)
  • Family Crisis Intervention and Reunification – First Placement, Best Placement, Atlanta, GA and surrounding counties
  • Forensic Trauma Expert, GA juvenile and superior courts (providing expert court testimony in criminal and juvenile cases)
  • Girls In Actions – Self-Empowerment Course for Girls Instructor/Facilitator


My Story

My calling is to serve children and their grown-ups who deal with a variety of emotional and behavioral imbalances due to trauma or mental illness.  My clients crave restoration of emotional wellness without the use of psychotropic medication.  Parents come to me when they feel exhausted by their current lifestyle, struggle to find the right balance, or look for alternative solutions to their and their children’s emotional and physical issues.

Together we create actionable plans and strategies to overcome their fears, embrace their uniqueness, and find their own better way to live and love life.  I enjoy coaching busy parents in how to deal with a variety of emotional, behavioral, as well as some physical issues in their children, while bringing more balance into their own lives.  I like to give my parents the tools and real, proven steps to increase their own energy, while feeling empowered and in control.

I am Denisa Millette and I find my passion and fulfillment in my work with children and their grown-ups. My approach is a mix of life and health coaching targeted to support my clients on their journey to trauma recovery and ultimate wellness by nurturing their body, mind, and soul. 

I have obtained a 4-year pediatric nursing degree as well as a master’s degree in clinical psychology in my home country of Czech Republic where I also published my master thesis on a topic of childhood amnesia.  Before coming to the United States, I gained valuable clinical experience working alongside a behavior specialist at Oakleigh School for Special Needs Children in London, UK.  I also practiced my clinical skills working with children at Diagnostic Institute for Children in my home town, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.  However, I have gained most of my clinical experience in the past 15 years of working in a private practice setting in Atlanta, Georgia, providing psychological assessment and evaluations of a variety of emotional and behavioral issues in children all ages.  I have been recognized as a forensic expert in the field of child trauma assessment in the US juvenile and superior court system.

The unmet needs of my clients and their loved ones have deeply inspired me in starting my own wellness coaching business.  Outside of the world of psychology, I am passionate about utilizing natural healing therapies, such as healing foods, herbology, and essential oils in dealing with anxiety, depression, ADHD, behavioral problems, fatigue, and other issues.  Please know that I do recognize a need for psychotropic medication in certain cases; however, the purpose of my approach is to use psychotropic medication as a last resort.

A little disclaimer here.  I am not a medical doctor or a psychiatrist and I do not advise you to stop giving your child medication or  taking your own medication prescribed by your doctor.  Please know that even if you are currently taking psychotropic medication, we can work alongside it, on easing some of its negative side effects, or on building up your or your child’s immune system in a natural way.

Outside of my professional life, my favorite thing to do is spending time with my five kiddos (plus a dog and a cat), traveling, cooking fun recipes, or watching movies with my teen daughter.  As a professional and a parent of five, I find myself to be incredibly busy.  I set very high, yet achievable goals for myself to succeed in my life mission of raising happy, heathy kids and having a close connection with my husband, while feeling spiritually in-tuned and professionally fulfilled.  People ask all the time how I get it all done.  Over the years, I have created time management and goal setting strategies that continue to serve me well.  I love to share these tools and resources with my clients while helping them find their better way and setting them up on a path toward their ultimate wellness.  I consider myself to be a lifetime learner and continue my education by taking courses and keeping up with the most current research to better help my clients and my loved ones.



If you are still curious and want to know even more about me, here are few things you are yet to learn:

  • I love God with all my mind, heart, and soul

  • I am a Czech girl and still have that funny little accent even after living here for the past 18 years  (Yeah, my kids pick on me, without knowing they sound just like me)

  • I drink coffee (I know, I shouldn’t) with more cream than coffee

  • I have just mastered how to stand on my head while doing yoga

  • I laugh way too much, especially at my own jokes, but I also cry at movies (even some cartoons get me)

  • Getting a Black Belt in Taekwondo is on my bucket list

  • I know with no doubt that I can get you to where you want to be if you are ready (CAUTION: Work on your part is definitely involved)


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